Speech at Panel on Commerce and Industry

Proposed amendment to the Import and Export (Registration) Regulations (Cap. 60E) for setting a cap on import and export declaration charges 

Proposed $200 cap on the import and export declaration charges

Noting that accurate trade data were vital for statistical analysis, Mr CHAN Chun-ying asked whether the Administration would consider raising the penalty to deter traders from under-reporting the values of the goods declared. USCED advised that the Administration considered the current extra charge arrangement and penalty levels appropriate, and had no plans to make adjustment for the time being.

In response to Mr CHAN Chun-ying’s enquiry about the industries and/or types of goods (e.g. durable goods, consumer goods, daily necessities or cosmetics, etc.) which would benefit from the proposed $200 cap on TDEC charges, USCED advised that, as air imports and exports usually involved high-value goods, they were expected to benefit more from the proposed $200 cap on TDEC charges. Deputy Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development (Commerce and Industry) 2 (“DSCED(C&I)2”) said that the proposed cap could cover a wide range of high-value goods and, at the Chairman’s request, agreed to provide a breakdown by industry and/or type of goods of the TDEC cases which would benefit from the proposed cap on TDEC charges.