Speech at Panel on Information Technology and Broadcasting

Capital Works Reserve Fund Head 710 Computerization Subhead A007GX (Block Allocation) – New administrative computer systems

Strengthening information security

Mr CHAN Chun-Ying noted that according to the Hong Kong Police Force (“HKPF”), there was a total of 5 567 computer-related crimes reported in 2017, involving $13.9 billion. He queried whether the amount sought for information security-related projects was sufficient, in the light of the increasing number and complexity of cyber security threats. He sought information regarding the total actual amount of resources approved in the last financial year for the information security-related projects funded under Head 710 Computerization Subhead A007GX (“Block Allocation”).

Government Chief Information Officer (“GCIO”) responded that more than 40 projects (18% of the total) with a total commitment of more than $140 million had been planned for the coming financial year for strengthening information technology (“IT”) system security. The total cashflow required in 2019-2020 for the 230 new projects listed in Annex C to LC Paper No. CB(4)162/18-19(03) was estimated to be about $198 million, whereas the total commitment for these projects was estimated to be $1.25 billion.

E-government and smart city development

Mr CHAN Chun-ying asked whether individual government departments would have to upgrade their own websites individually to enable public access of their services using Electronic Identity (“eID”). GCIO said that OGCIO would develop an application programming interface (API) for departments to enhance their websites that would allow the public to access public services using eID. This would speed up system development and lower development cost.