Speech at Panel on Security

Strengthening the prevention and tackling of terrorist activities

Issues relating to the United Nations (Anti-Terrorism Measures) Ordinance

Mr CHAN Chun-ying expressed concern about the definition of terrorist organizations. S for S explained that under UNATMO, where a person was designated by the Committee of the United Nations Security Council as a terrorist or terrorist associate, the Chief Executive (“CE”) could publish a notice in the Gazette specifying the name(s) of the person. CE could also make an application to the Court for an order to specify a person as a terrorist or terrorist associate. Furthermore, where S for S had reasonable grounds to suspect that any property held by any person was terrorist property, he could by notice in writing specifying the property, direct that a person should not, directly or indirectly, deal with the property except under the authority of a licence.

Counter-terrorism awareness and education

Mr CHAN Chun-ying referred to paragraph 11 of the Administration’s paper and asked whether ICTU had collaborated with the Education Bureau to promote the counter-terrorism (“CT”) awareness and education in schools, in particular in educating students about the danger of explosives and the consequences of taking part in making explosives.

S for S thanked members’ suggestions and said that the Government would actively follow up such matter. He also said that the proportion of youngsters arrested kept increasing since June 2019. Around 40% of the arrested persons in recent incidents were students, and it was noteworthy that 70% of them were secondary students. S for S stressed that the law-abiding awareness in the society was important and to achieve it, concerted efforts from the Government, schools and family were indispensable


Work progress and planning of the Independent Commission Against Corruption for 2020 to 2021

Corruption-related issues in the public sector

Mr CHAN Chun-ying declared that he was a member of ICAC’s Operations Review Committee and the Panel of the Witness Protection Review Board. He said that the element on innovation and technology was getting more important in Government’s tendering exercises, which might not be easy to quantify and measure in tender assessment. He asked about the corruption prevention strategy and ways to assess the effectiveness of ICAC’s work in such area. He also expressed concern on the Integrity Management System to be adopted by public works contractors. Director of Corruption Prevention, ICAC responded that the Corruption Prevention Department had given suggestions to the Government in drawing up work practices and evaluation guidelines in respect of the element on innovation and technology in procurement. Relevant integrity and professional trainings were provided to various departments. ICAC would continue providing advice and suggestions when needed.