Speech at Panel on Transport

Proposals on revision of certain fees and charges under the Road Traffic Ordinance and its regulations

Regarding the proposed fee increase in respect of the issuance of advertising vehicle permits from $110 to $155, Mr CHAN Chun-ying pointed out that the cost recovery rate for this item would still be on the low side (i.e. 17.8 %) after the increase. To avoid a steep fee increase in future to achieve full cost recovery, he suggested a bigger increase in the current revision such that the cost recovery rate could reach around 30% to 40%. Separately, he indicated that he did not object to other fee revision items.

USTH explained that the Administration had followed the guidelines set out in paragraph 4 of the Administration’s paper (LC Paper No. CB(4)1021/16-17(05)) in determining the rate of fee increases. That said, he undertook that the Administration would take into account Mr CHAN’s above suggestion when finalizing the legislative proposals for submission to LegCo.