» Policy Platform



    1. Effectively monitor the work the (HKSAR) Administration
      • Firmly defend the HKSAR’s core values on which Hong Kong builds its success
      • Exercise monitoring of the HKSAR’s work in a constructive manner
      • Facilitate the HKSAR Administration to carry out its duties strictly in accordance with the Hong Kong laws and to govern in an effective manner
    2. Co-create a stable and harmonious business environment
      • Uphold the ‘One Country Two Systems’ and ‘Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong’ principles
      • Urge all sectors of society to seek consensus amid differences and work together with one heart
      • Focus on future development with a view to consolidating and uplifting the status of Hong Kong as an international financial center
    3. Build platforms that can promote the common interest of both the banking sector and local citizens
      • Encourage the banking sector to proactively take up its corporate social responsibilities which are conducive to safeguarding the common interest of the local community, banking customers, and banking employees


    1. Assist the nurturing of a regulatory regime which is conducive to the stable and healthy growth of the banking sector
      • Step up communications with regulators
      • Continuously enhance regulatory measures that help to strike a fine balance between flexibility in business expansion and monetary security
    2. Actively reflect to the Government about the operational difficulties of the banking sector and urge for the timely follow-up by relevant departments
      • Facilitate interactions between banks and the Government as well as the cooperation of banks and enterprises to enable all parties concerned to work together to address operational difficulties
      • Lobby the government to further enhance optimize the ‘Special Loan Guarantee Scheme’ with a view to supporting enterprises, protecting employment, and stabilizing the economy
    3. Expedite the pace of internet banking service development
      • Leverage the concerted efforts of the banking sector for the promotion of the greater use of innovative technologies in business and the transformation of service mode
      • Elevate customer service standards
      • Expand the service boundaries of Hong Kong financial institutions
    4. Encourage multiple-fronts co-operation and promote Hong Kong as the asset management centre of Renminbi reserves and Renminbi bond trading
    5. Consolidate and enhance the foundation for the sustainable growth of the banking sector
      • Pull together industry knowledge for enhancing the building of financial infrastructure and promoting a level playing field that is fair for all

Mainland policy

  1. Proactively reflect views and suggestions of the banking sector to relevant mainland authorities on national policies that benefits Hong Kong
    • Lobby for the speedier implementation of national policies and initiatives that support Hong Kong’s financial development so as to enable the sector to benefit from the development in a faster pace and on a bigger scale
  2. Leverage opportunities availed the ‘Belt & Road’ Strategy and nurture growth in business development and job creation
    • Strive to share information and opportunities, co-manage risks and reap the benefits brought by participation in ‘Belt & Road’ initiatives
    • Develop Hong Kong into the principal financing centre and super connector under the ‘Belt & Road’ Strategy