Council meeting – I. Q6: Helping young persons in custody reintegrate into society

Helping young persons in custody reintegrate into society

Mr Chan Chun-ying:

Thank you, Deputy President.  The main reply just now has briefed us on a number of vocational training courses for young PICs.  As a Justice of the Peace, I visited the Tai Lam Correctional Institution some time ago.  I noticed that courses relating to construction and manufacturing industries are specifically provided there, and after PICs are awarded a certificate, their income will be quite well protected.

I would like to ask the Secretary if he will consider introducing relevant courses in other correctional institutions or finding out about the interests of young PICs and then relocating them to institutions with the relevant courses for them to take?  Thank you.

Secretary for Security:

Thank you, Deputy President and Mr CHAN.  Concerning what courses are provided in which correctional institution, we are faced with certain constraints, such as the size of the institution.  For instance, to provide the construction courses mentioned by Mr CHAN just now, an institution will, to a certain extent, need to have some facilities, in order for PICs to acquire the skills of certain job types.

If PICs are interested in taking these types of courses and the relevant institutions can accept them, we will give consideration to their cases depending on the circumstances.  Thank you, Deputy President.