Council meeting – II. Questions – Q5 Strengthen Child Care Services

Q5: Strengthening child care services

Mr. CHAN Chun-ying:President, NSCCP was introduced in 2008.  It is stated in the main reply that NSCCP was enhanced in 2020.  However, according to the statistics that I have reviewed, the number of home-based child carers has not shown significant changes from 2016 to 2021, yet the number of service recipients has dropped from 5 369 to 3 085.  Apart from the declining birth rate, I would like to inquire whether LWB has examined the reasons behind this phenomenon.  Is it due to a lack of awareness about these services or a lack of confidence in NSCCP among some parents?  What measures does the Bureau have in place to increase the utilization rate?  Thank you.

SECRETARY FOR LABOUR AND WELFARE: The utilization rate involves the dynamic between supply and demand.  We provide such services in order to give families in need one more choice.  In addition to NSCCP, families in need also have the option to use aided CCCs or other after-school care services.  Of course, we will examine if there is any room for improvement in regard to NSCCP, which can provide a convenient means of support in the neighbourhood.  That is why we have received a lot of opinions on NSCCP during the Policy Address consultation this year, and we will study them carefully.  Thank you, President.