Speech at Council Meeting-Q5 Recruitment of police office

(Q5):Recruitment of police officers


Thank you, President.  Since 5 May last year, the Police Force has removed the minimum height and weight requirements for applicants to align with other disciplined services.  As the Secretary has just mentioned, applicants may wear spectacles or contact lenses when taking the tests, and it is clear from the main reply and the Secretary’s explanation that this measure has achieved a certain effect in terms of recruitment.

Given that the Security Bureau is in charge of all the disciplined services, my question is: Notwithstanding the enhancement of the recruitment process of the Police Force, many people may actually apply for positions in different disciplined services at the same time, so will the relevant measure cause some disturbance and trouble to the recruitment exercises of other disciplined services?  Thank you.


Thank you, President.  Of course, generally speaking, there are also vacancies in other disciplined services, such as the Correctional Services Department.  There might be more vacancies in the Police Force in the past, but there are vacancies in different disciplined services at present.

I do not think that the recruitment in the Police Force will affect that in other disciplined services.  What are the reasons?  In my view, many people will consider their own interests when applying for positions in the disciplined services.  For example, those who like to fly planes or perform air duties will consider joining the Flying Service; those who are interested in firefighting will join the fire services; and those who are interested in anti-smuggling or customs work will naturally apply for positions in the relevant grades.

In fact, we have observed from the data that various disciplined services have recently changed some of the recruitment requirements.  For example, the Fire Services Department allows applicants to wear spectacles.  Overall, these changes have produced a positive effect, resulting in an increase in the total number of applicants.  I think this is a positive approach.  Thank you, President.