Speech at Panel on Economic Development

Regulation of UAS

Mr CHAN Chun-ying was of the view that UAS could be used to perform certain law enforcement duties to alleviate the manpower pressure of law enforcement agencies. He suggested the Administration consider using UAS for law enforcement duties where appropriate. Besides, he noted that according to the current CAD guidelines, flying sites for UAS should be clear of persons, vessels, vehicles or structures. Such conditions might pose constraints to the use of UAS in law enforcement work in future.

DDGCA2 advised that under the risk-based approach recommended by the consultant, UAS which were considered to have higher operational risk would be subject to more stringent safety requirements, but the risk-based approach would no longer differentiate the use/purpose of UAS.


Tariff adjustments for 2018

Mr CHAN Chun-ying enquired about the estimated tariff reduction as a consequence of the reduction in the permitted rate of return (“RoR”) from 9.99% to 8% under the new Scheme of Control Agreements (“SCAs”) signed between the Government and the two power companies.

Mr CHIANG Tung-keung, Managing Director of CLP, replied that the RoR reduction would help reduce CLP’s basic tariff when the new SCA commenced but the latter was also subject to a basket of factors including the company’s operating cost and sales forecasts. CLP would submit a new development plan to the Government setting out the expected adjustments on tariff over the next 5-year development plan period and relevant factors for discussion and approval.