Speech at Panel on Education

III. Support for cross-boundary students amid the epidemic and facilitation of the resumption of face-to-face classes

Evaluation of the support for cross-boundary students amid the epidemic

Members considered that there was a need for the Administration to evaluate the effectiveness of the support measures provided for CBS amid the epidemic. Questions were raised on the number and feedback of CBS benefited from the assistance programmes under the Community Care Fund and the Quality Education Fund, which provided students in need with mobile computer devices and Internet services support; the types of necessary services procured by schools to cater for the needs of CBS; the reasons why the 10 000 places of the learning support and psychosocial support programmes for CBS in Shenzhen were not fully utilized; and the utilization rate of the general service points in Shenzhen by CBS and their parents.

The Administration advised that almost all CBS in need (i.e. about 5 000 CBS families) had been benefited from the aforesaid assistance programmes under the Community Care Fund and the Quality Education Fund. The maximum amount of funding for purchasing mobile computer devices was $4,700 per student while the maximum amount of additional funding for Internet services support was $1,700 per student. In respect of the learning support and psychosocial support programmes in Shenzhen, only 7 000 student person-times had participated in owing to the anti-epidemic measures in the Mainland. The general service points in Luohu, Futian and Nanshan districts in Shenzhen were ended in August 2021 as the feedback was neutral.

IV. 3115ET – A 12-classroom special school at Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai

Members considered the construction period of around four years too long. The Administration should speed up the construction to facilitate early reprovisioning of HCLMS to the new premises. The Administration advised that it took around four years to complete the project because the former premises of Wanchai School had to be demolished before starting the construction works of the new premises. Nevertheless, different methods would be explored to shorten the construction period and advance the completion date.

Members considered that the information provided in the Administration’s paper was insufficient to facilitate members’ consideration of the proposed school works project.

The Administration was requested to provide supplementary information, such as the total gross floor area of the proposed school premises of HCLMS, detailed breakdown of the estimated construction cost, policy on special schools, number of students with special educational needs (“SEN”), how the new premises of HCLMS could facilitate its students in taking HKDSE Examination and receiving vocational education, etc. For future proposed school works projects, the Administration should provide sufficient information for members’ consideration. The Administration noted members’ concerns and advised that updated information on the proposed project would be provided to members when available.