Speech at Panel on Education

III. Teachers’ professional training and exchange programmes in the Mainland

Many newly-joined teachers and promoted teachers had not yet participated in the study tours owing to the pandemic. Some members enquired whether the Administration would relax the time limits or significantly increase the number of study tours to cater for the needs. The Administration advised that since the full resumption of normal travel between Hong Kong and the Mainland in early 2023, EDB had swiftly resumed relevant study tours for teachers. To maintain a balance between teachers’ training needs and schools’ operational efficiency, schools should flexibly arrange teachers to participate in the study tours in a gradual and orderly manner. In fact, schools should devise an overall professional development plan for their teachers since newly-joined teachers were required to complete the study tours within the first three years of service.

here was a view that the Administration should consider arranging promoted teachers to observe lessons at the key primary and secondary schools in Mainland provinces and municipalities during study tours to broaden their horizons and simulate their educational thinking. The Administration advised that teachers were arranged to observe lessons at schools during the study tours and the feedback was positive. In particular, teachers were deeply impressed by the rapid development of digital education and artificial intelligence (“AI”) in teaching.