Speech at Panel on Education

IV. Briefing on the promotion of STEAM education among primary and secondary schools

Teacher professional development

There was a view that schools should designate a senior teacher to be the co-ordinator for better planning of STEAM education within and beyond the classroom.

The Administration advised that there was no specific requirement on the rank of STEAM co-ordinators. Schools could designate teachers to be coordinators in full consideration of their specific needs and context. Nevertheless, STEAM co-ordinators should understand the latest development of I&T, infuse I&T learning elements and make good use of I&T when planning STEAM learning activities within and beyond classrooms for the promotion of STEAM education. For this purpose, EDB had been strengthening the professional training for teachers and enhancing the professional capacity of school leadership and co-ordination on STEAM education. For example, the Intensive Training Programme had been held for primary and secondary STEAM coordinators/teachers to enhance their professional capacity in planning STEAM education. EDB would review the implementation situation of STEAM education in schools through various means, such as school visits, focus group meetings, day-to-day contact with schools, school inspections, etc.

Proposed injection into the Gifted Education Fund

There were queries about the need for an additional injection of $600 million into the Gifted Education Fund (“the Fund”) in 2023-2024 to generate an investment return of about $28 million per annum while there was a surplus in the past five years.

The Administration advised that an additional injection into the Fund was necessary to enhance the collaboration with the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education to offer enriched training programmes for gifted students at the primary and secondary levels. With the additional investment returns, strengthened support would be provided to conduct training, activities and competitions specific to STEAM-related areas for those exceptionally gifted to develop their potential, who would become the new force in I&T in the future. Given the fluctuating investment market all these years, the investment returns for the Fund might be lower than expected.