Speech at Panel on Information Technology and Broadcasting

Progress report on the work of Hong Kong Design Centre

Promoting the fashion industry

Mr CHAN Chun-ying expressed support for the work of HKDC in promoting the fashion industry. Mr CHAN was aware that some overseas broadcasting company had produced programmes where budding fashion designers were invited to compete on their design ideas. He suggested that similar competitions be organized in Hong Kong so that local talents could showcase their designs in TV. Permanent Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development (Communications and Creative Industries) (“PSCCI”) noted the new initiative in promoting fashion and would relay it to relevant organizations for their reference.

Citing Dongdaemun Market in Seoul as an example, the Chairman considered that Hong Kong should take steps to promote its textile and apparel wholesale sector and develop a complete industry chain. Head of Create Hong Kong (“Head of CreateHK”) advised that Dongdaemun Market was targeted for the domestic wholesale market of South Korea, although it turned out to be popular among overseas visitors and merchandisers abroad. On the other hand, the textile and apparel wholesale sector in Hong Kong mainly focused on export rather than the local market. Create Hong Kong (“CreateHK”) would explore with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council different ways to attract local customers.

Mr CHAN Chun-ying commented that HKDC step up efforts to attract young people to join the fashion industry through online platforms such as social media or mobile phone applications. Head of CreateHK informed members that practitioners of fashion industry had all along been sharing news online using tools such as fashion blogging. Meanwhile, CreateHK had supported different organizations to launch online promotion campaigns through the CreateSmart Initiative (“CSI”). CreateHK would continue to strengthen its online publicity to promote the creative industries.

In line with the global trend and to stay ahead in competition in the international market, Mr CHAN Chun-ying pointed out that Hong Kong fashion designers should introduce environmental features in their products, for instance, using non-polluting dyes or polylactic acid fibres converted from food waste. Head of CreateHK advised that through CSI, CreateHK had supported the EcoChic Design Award in the past six years in advocating sustainable fashion design. The Award was well received by practitioners of fashion industry, local higher education institutions and relevant organizations.