Speech at Panel on Security

Crime situation in 2018


Mr CHAN Chun-ying commended the Police for maintaining Hong Kong as a safe city. Noting that a rise of 18.1% of deception cases was recorded in 2018, he requested the Police to provide a breakdown of the cases by their nature, the pecuniary loss involved, and percentage. CP agreed to provide the requested information in writing. Mr CHAN further asked about the Police’s collaboration with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (“HKMA”) to combat cases of fraudulent bank websites, phishing emails and similar scams.

CP responded that HKMA was a key partner of the Police and they worked closely with each other to devise publicity and education strategies to fight against investment fraud.

Serious drugs offences

Referring to paragraph 11 of the Police’s paper, Mr CHAN Chun-ying sought information as to whether there was any correlation between the 15.8% increase in cases involved cannabis and the relaxation of the control on recreational cannabis in Canada since October 2018. He also asked about the Police’s publicity efforts in reminding members of the public of the different legislative control of cannabis in Hong Kong and that in Canada.

CP responded that the Police had been monitoring the change in the figures of cannabis-related offences since October 2018. While the number of cannabis-related cases had been on the rise, the quantity seized was reduced. The Police and other counterpart LEAs had strengthened relevant publicity and education to remind members of the public to pay attention to the packaging labels of the products concerned as well as the relevant legislation in relation to cannabis, so as to avoid breaching the law inadvertently.