Speech at Panel on Economic Development

Proposed rationalization of a directorate post for supporting the development of the logistics industry

The proposal

In response to Mr CHAN Chun-ying’s enquiry about the job duties assigned to PAS(T)10, DSTH5 said that the responsibilities set out for PAS(T)10 in the paper only covered the major ones. All Government officials would be required to fulfill the duties assigned by their supervisors as appropriate.

Mr CHAN Chun-ying noted that the Government was planning to set up a Trade Single Window (“TSW”) in Hong Kong as a single information technology platform so as to follow the mainstream international development and to uphold Hong Kong’s competitiveness in trade and position as a logistics hub. He enquired if PAS(T)10 would be responsible for assisting small and medium enterprises (“SMEs”) in tackling problems arising from the implementation of TSW.

DSTH5 said that the TSW initiative would be taken forward by the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau (“CEDB”), which would provide support for SMEs to adapt to the changes. If the logistics sector encountered any difficulties arising from such initiative, THB and CEDB would coordinate the assistance for the trade.