Speech at Panel on Transport

185TB—Lift and Pedestrian Walkway System between Tai Wo Hau Road and Wo Tong Tsui Street, Kwai Chung

Adoption of the inclined lift system

Mr CHAN Chun-ying pointed out that the inclined lift system of about 40 metres in length adopted in the Project was much longer than the 21-metre long escalator at Langham Place where an accident had recently occurred, as well as the longest escalator of 26-metres in the territory at Hong Kong Design Institute. He raised concern about the safety of this inclined lift system, and asked if the Administration would consider dividing it into two to three sections.

DDHy advised that the design and mechanical standards of inclined lift systems were different from that of escalator systems. Inclined lift systems had also been designed to a very high safety standard. While escalator systems were not suitable for wheelchair users, inclined lift systems could serve all, including aged and disabled, passengers well. The Administration considered that adoption of an inclined lift system was suitable for the Project taking into account the actual circumstances of the location and the local residents’ needs.